Web Hosting

All sites and blogs on the Internet start with hosting. Hosting is one of those beasts with so many variables that everyone gets lost even developers with plenty of prior knowledge. eThinkBig will help you choose hosting plan as per your requirements.

What is Web Hosting in General

First, let’s clear up what hosting is in the first place. When you view a website in a browser, you are actually receiving code written in a bunch of different coding languages.

Your browser converts this code into something we can actually understand: images, buttons, text columns and so on.

The code for a website is held in a bunch of different files.Files also need a place to live.

On your computer this is a hard drive. Your computer also has a processor that deals with the basic file operations like editing, copying, deleting and so on.

This is exactly what a server is. It is essentially a computer that holds a bunch of files and can perform operations. It has a CPU, it has memory, it has a hard driveand other components. It even has an operating system, usually a Linux-based one.